Rev. Alexander Dyce's footnotes to Skelton's  Colin Cloute

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l. 120   barke]  So MS. Eds. "carke."   Qy. "carpe?"   Compare v. 549.   back

l. 191   Sare]  Other eds. "fare."  MS. "sciire."  (Perhaps Skel-
            ton wrote "Seir"—and in the next line "appeire."   back

l. 341   MS. "Wasa."   back

l. 472   Ascendent  a  degre]   This passage seems to be corrupted.
            MS. "Assendente a dextre :"  (and compare the Lansdown
            MS. quoted below.)   back

l. 480   haue none]   MS. has "alone;" and omits the seventy-
            eight lines which follow.   Among the Lansdown  MSS.  (762.
            fol. 75)  I find the subjointed fragment:
" Som men thynke that ye
   shall haue penaltie
   for your Inyquytie
   Note well what to saye
   yf yt please the not onely
   yt is good for astrollogy
   ffor tholomy tolde me
   the sonn somtyme to be
   In a Signe called ariotte
   assendam ad dextram
   when Scorpio is descendyng
   affatuall fall of one
   that syttys now on trone
   and rewles all thynge alone
   your tethe whet on this bone
   Amonge you euery chone
   And lett colen clowte alone.
                        The profecy of  Skelton
            (The name originally written "Skylton."    back

l. 559   Howe the Church, &c.]   This passage in MS. stands thus:
                           " Some sey holy chyrche haue to mykell
                              Som sey they haue tryalytes
                              And some sey they brynge pluralites
                              And qualifie qualites
                              And also tot cotte
                              They talke lyke sottes
                              Makynge many owte cryes
                              That they cannot kepe ther wyffes
                              And thus the losselles stryvys."   back

l. 882   Another Clementyne also, &c.]   I suspect some corruption
            here.  In the MS. the passage stands thus;
                           " Another clementyn how frere faby and mo
  &c.   back


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