by Fulke Greville


THE pride of flesh by reach of humane wit,
Did purpose once to ouer-reach the skye;
And where before God drown'd the world for it,
Yet Babylon it built vp, not to dye.1

God knew these fooles how foolishly they wrought,
That Destiny with Policie would breake;
Straight none could tell his fellow what he thought,
Their tongues were chang'd, & men not taught to speake:

So I that heauenly peace would comprehend,
In mortall seat of Caelica's faire heart,
To Babylon my selfe there, did intend,
With naturall kindnesse, and with Passion's art:
     But when I thought my selfe of her selfe free;
     All's chang'd: she vnderstands all men but me.

1 Genesis xi. 1-7.   Grosart.


Greville, Fulke. The Works in Verse and Prose Complete.
          Vol III.  Rev. Alexander B. Grosart, ed.
          London: Private [Tiplady and son], 1870.  45-46.

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