by Fulke Greville


YOU little stars that live in skies,
And glory in Apollo's glory ;
In whose aspects conjoinèd lies,
The heaven's will and Nature's story,
Joy to be likened to those eyes :
Which eyes make all eyes glad or sorry ;
    For when you force thoughts from above,
   These over-rule your force by love.

And thou, O Love, which in these eyes
Hast married Reason with Affection,
And made them saints of Beauty's skies,
Where joys are shadows of perfection ;
Lend me thy wings that I may rise
Up not by worth but thy election ;
    For I have vowed in strangest fashion,
    To love, and never seek compassion.

Grosart, Alexander B., Ed. The Friend of Sir Philip Sidney.
London: Elliot Stock, 1894. 112.

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