Fulke Greville, Lord Brooke


Sonnet XXXX          

The nurse-life wheat within his greene huske growing,
Flatters our hope and tickles our desire;
Nature's true riches in sweet beauties shewing,
Which set all hearts, with labour's love, on fire.

No lesse faire is the wheat when golden eare,
Shewes vnto hope the ioyes of neare enioying:
Faire and sweet is the bud; more sweet and faire
The rose, which proues that Time is not destroying.

Caelica, your youth, the morning of delight,
Enamel'd o're with beauties white and red,
All sense and thoughts did to beleefe inuite,
That Loue and Glorie there are brought to bed;
     And your ripe yeeres love none* — he goes no higher —
     Turnes all the spirits of man into desire.  
* Ripe years' love-noon. AJ.


Greville, Fulke. The Works in Verse and Prose Complete.
          Vol III.  Rev. Alexander B. Grosart, ed.
          London: Private [Tiplady and son], 1870.  46-47.

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