Thomas Sackeuyll in commendation of the worke

[Hoby's transl of The Courtier, 1561]

These royall kinges, that reare vp to the skye
Their pallace tops, and deck them all with gold:
With rare and curious workes they feede the eye:
And shew what riches here great princes hold.
A rarer worke and richer far in worth,
Castilio's hand presenteth here to thee:
No proude, ne golden court doth he set forth,
But what in court a Courtie ought to be.
The Prince he raiseth huge and mightie walles,
Castilio frames a wight of noble fame:
The king with gorgeous tissue clads his halles,
The Count with golden vertue deckes the same;
Whose passing skill, lo, Hobbie's pen displaies,
To Britaine folk, a work of worthy praise.

Text source:
      Ralph Roister Doister and Gorboduc. William Durrant Cooper, Ed.
      London: The Shakespeare Society, 1847.  lxii.

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