The Vision of the Twelve Goddesses from Grosart

Somnus .
DEar Mother Night, I your commandment
   Obey, and Dreams t'interpret Dreams will make,
As / waking curiosity is wont
Though better dream asleep, than dream awake.
And this white horny Wand shall work the deed
Whose power doth Figures of the light present:
When from this sable radius doth proceed
Naught but confused shows, to no intent.
Be this a Temple; there Sybilla stand,
Preparing reverent Rites with holy hand;
And so bright visions go, and entertain
All round about, whilst I'll to sleep again.

Transcribed and modernized by Anniina Jokinen from
Daniel, Samuel. The Complete Works in Verse and Prose of Samuel Daniel. vol 3.
A. B. Grosart, ed. New York: Rusell & Russell, Inc., 1885, Reissued in 1963. 198.

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