Abraham Cowley

Titian. The Bravo, c1570-5.
Titian. The Bravo, c1520.
Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna.

from "The Mistress"


AH! what advice can I receive!
      No, satisfy me first;
For who would physick-potions give
      To one that dies with thirst?

A little puff of breath, we find,
      Small fires can quench and kill;
But, when they're great, the adverse wind
      Does make them greater still.

Now whilst you speak, it moves me much,
      But straight I'm just the same;
Alas! th' effect must needs be such
      Of cutting through a flame.

Cowley, Abraham. The Works of Mr. A. Cowley. vol 2.
Richard Hurd, ed.
London: John Sharpe, 1809.  96.

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