Abraham Cowley

from "The Mistress"


I wonder what those lovers mean, who say
      They 'ave given their hearts away:
      Some good kind lover, tell me how;
For mine is but a torment to me now.

If so it be one place both hearts contain,
      For what do they complain?
      What courtesy can Love do more,
Than to join hearts that parted were before?

Woe to her stubborn heart, if once mine come
      Into the self-same room!
      'T will tear and blow up all within,
Like a granado shot into a magazine.

Then shall Love keep the ashes and torn parts,
      Of both our broken-hearts;
      Shall out of both one new one make,
From hers th' allay; from mine the metal, take.

For of her heart he from the flames will find
      But little left behind:
      Mine only will remain entire;
No dross was there, to perish in the fire.

Cowley, Abraham. The Works of Mr. A. Cowley. vol 2.
Richard Hurd, ed.
London: John Sharpe, 1809.  48-49.

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