by Robert Herrick

LET there be patrons, patrons like to thee,
Brave Porter !  poets ne'er will wanting be :
Fabius and Cotta, Lentulus, all live
In thee, thou man of men !  who here do'st give
Not only subject-matter for our wit,
But likewise oil of maintenance to it :
For which, before thy threshold, we'll lay down
Our thyrse for sceptre, and our bays for crown.
For, to say truth, all garlands are thy due :
The laurel, myrtle, oak, and ivy too.

Herrick, Robert. Works of Robert Herrick. vol I.
Alfred Pollard, ed.
London, Lawrence & Bullen, 1891. 49.

Daniel Mytens. Endymion Porter. 1627.
Daniel Mytens. Endymion Porter. 1627.

* “The friend and patron of poets
   and artists, Porter was a protégé
   of Charles I's favourite, the Duke
   of Buckingham. He was instru-
   mental in bringing Van Dyck to
   England and the King admired
   him 'for his general learning,
   brave stile, sweet temper, great
   experience, travels and modern
—National Portrait Gallery.

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