by Robert Herrick

OLD wives have often told how they
Saw Cupid bitten by a flea ;
And thereupon, in tears half drown'd,
He cried aloud : Help, help the wound !
He wept, he sobb'd, he call'd to some
To bring him lint and balsamum,
To make a tent, and put it in
Where the stiletto pierced the skin
Which, being done, the fretful pain
Assuaged, and he was well again.

Tent, a roll of lint for probing wounds.
Peter Paul Rubens. Cupid Making his Bow, 1612.
Rubens. Cupid Making his Bow, 1612.

Herrick, Robert. Works of Robert Herrick. vol I.
Alfred Pollard, ed.
London, Lawrence & Bullen, 1891. 19.

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