Ben Jonson

  E  P  I  G  R  A  M  S .


Who says that GILES and JOAN at discord be ?
Th' observing neighbors no such mood can see.
Indeed, poor Giles repents he married ever ;
But that his Joan doth too.  And Giles would never,
By his free-will, be in Joan's company :
No more would Joan he should.  Giles riseth early,
And having got him out of doors is glad ;
The like is Joan : but turning home is sad ;
And so is Joan.  Oftimes when Giles doth find
Harsh sights at home, Giles wisheth he were blind ;
All this doth Joan : or that his long-yearn'd life
Were quite out-spun ; the like wish hath his wife.
The children that he keeps, Giles swears are none
Of his getting ;  and so swears his Joan.
In all affections she concurreth still.
If now, with man and wife, to will and nill
The self-same things, a note of concord be :
I know no couple better can agree !


Jonson, Ben.  The Works of Ben Jonson.
Boston: Phillips, Sampson, and Co., 1853. 788.

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