Richard Lovelace.


Courting her for his Friend.

    Chloe behold ! againe I bowe,
Againe possest, againe I woe ;
    From my heat hath taken fire,
Damas, noble youth, and fries :
Gazing with one of mine eyes
    Damas, halfe of me expires :
Chloe, behold !   Our Fate's the same,
Or make me Cinders too, or quench his Flame

I'd not be King, unlesse there sate
Lesse Lords that shar'd with me in State ;
    Who by their cheaper Coronets know
    What glories from my Diadem flow :
    It's use and rate values the Gem,
    Pearles in their shells have no esteem ;
And I being Sun within thy Sphere,
'Tis my chiefe beauty thinner lights shine there.

The Us'rer heaps unto his store,
By seeing others praise it more ;
    Who not for gaine, or want doth covet,
    But 'cause another loves, doth love it :
    Thus gluttons cloy'd afresh invite
    Their Gusts, from some new appetite ;
And after cloth remov'd, and meate,
Fall too againe by seeing others eate.

Lovelace, Richard.    The Poems of Richard Lovelace.
London: Unit Library, Ltd., 1904.    21-22.

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