Richard Lovelace.


To The Ladies.

    PRAY Ladies breath, awhile lay by
Cælestial Sydney's Arcady ;
Heere's a Story that doth Claime
A little respite from his Flame :
Then with a quick dissolving looke
Unfold the smoothnes of this book,
To which no Art (except your sight)
Can reach a worthy Epithite ;
'Tis an Abstract of all Volumes
A Pillaster of all Columnes
Fancy e're rear'd to Wit, to be
The smallest Gods Epitome,
And so compactedly expresse
All Lovers pleasing Wretchednes.

    Gallant Pamela's Majesty
And her sweet Sisters Modesty
Are fixt in each of you ; you are
Distinct, what these together were,
Divinest that are really
What Cariclea's feign'd to be ;
That are ev'ry one the Nine,
And brighter here Astrea's shine,
View our Lucippe, and remaine
In her, these Beauties o're againe.

    Amazement !   Noble Clitophon,
Ev'n now lookt somewhat colder on
His cooler Mistresse, and she too
Smil'd not as she us'd to do ;
See ! the Individuall Payre
Are at sad Oddes, and parted are ;
They quarrell, æmulate, and stand
At strife, who first shal kisse your hand.

    A new Dispute there lately rose
Betwixt the Greekes and Latines, whose
Temple's should be bound with Glory
In best languaging this Story ;

    Yee Heyres of Love, that with one Smile
   A ten-yeeres War can reconcile ;
Peacefull Hellens !   Vertuous ! See?
The jarring Languages agree,
And here all Armes layd by, they doe
In English meet, to wayt on you.

Clitophon and Lucippe—Contributed to the translation
       by Anthony Hodge, Oxford, 1638.
Sydney's Arcady—Sir Philip Sidney's (1554-1586)
       'Arcadia' was published in 1590.

Lovelace, Richard.   The Poems of Richard Lovelace.
London: Unit Library, Ltd., 1904.   60-62.

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