Richard Lovelace.


That lately I have not written.

IF in me Anger, or disdaine
In you, or both, made me refraine
From th' Noble intercourse of Verse,
That only Vertuous thoughts rehearse ;
    Then Chaste Ellinda might you feare
    The sacred Vowes that I did sweare.

But if alone some pious thought
Me to an inward sadnesse brought,
Thinking to breath your Soule too well,
My tongue was charmed with that spell ;
    And left it (since there was no roome
    To Voyce your worth enough) strooke dumbe.

So then this Silence doth reveale
No thought of Negligence, but Zeale :
For as in Adoration,
This is Loves true Devotion :
    Children and Fooles the words repeate,
    But Anch'rites pray in teares and sweate.


Bronzino. Venus, Cupid and Time. 1540-45.
Bronzino.  Venus, Cupid and Time.  1540-45.
(Allegory of Lust). National Gallery, London.

Lovelace, Richard.    The Poems of Richard Lovelace.
London: Unit Library, Ltd., 1904.    39-40.

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