Richard Lovelace.



THOU snowy Farme with thy five Tenements !
        Tell thy white Mistris here was one
        That call'd to pay his dayly Rents :
But she agathering Flowr's and Hearts is gone,
And thou left voyd to rude Possession.


But grieve not pretty Ermin Cabinet,
        Thy Alabaster Lady will come home ;
        If not, what Tenant can there fit
The slender turnings of thy narrow Roome,
But must ejected be by his owne dombe ?


Then give me leave to leave my Rent with thee ;
        Five kisses, one unto a place :
        For though the Lute's too high for me ;
Yet Servants knowing Minikin nor Base,
Are still allow'd to fiddle with the Case.

Lovelace, Richard.  The Poems of Richard Lovelace.
London: Unit Library, Ltd., 1904.  52.

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