Richard Lovelace.

LUCASTA  paying her Obsequies to the Chast

memory of my dearest Cosin

Mrs. Bowes Barne.

SEE ! what an undisturbed teare
    She weepes for her last sleepe ;
But, viewing her straight wak'd a Star,
    She weepes that she did weepe.

Griefe ne're before did Tyranize
    On th' Honour of that brow,
And at the wheeles of her brave Eyes
    Was Captive led til now.

Thus, for a Saints Apostacy
    The unimagin'd Woes
And sorrowes of the Hierarchy,
    None but an Angel knowes.

Thus for lost soules Recovery,
    The Clapping of all Wings,
And Triumphs of this Victory,
    None but an Angel sings.

So none but She know's to bemone
    This equal Virgins Fate,
None but Lucasta can her Crowne
    Of Glory celebrate.

Then dart on me (Chast Light) one ray
    By which I may discry
Thy Joy cleare through this cloudy Day
    To dresse my sorrow by.

Lovelace, Richard.    The Poems of Richard Lovelace.
London: Unit Library, Ltd., 1904.    68-69.

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