Richard Lovelace.


Set by Mr. William Lawes.

WHEN I by thy faire shape did sweare,
And mingled with each Vowe a teare,
                  I lov'd, I lov'd thee best,
                  I swore as I profest ;
For all the while you lasted warme and pure,
           My Oathes too did endure ;
But once turn'd faithlesse to thy selfe, and Old,
They then with thee incessantly grew Cold.

I swore my selfe thy Sacrifice
By th' Ebon Bowes that guard thine eyes,
                  Which now are alter'd White,
                  And by the glorious Light
Of both those Stars, of which their Spheres bereft
           Only the Gellie's left :
Then changed thus, no more I'm bound to you
Then swearing to a Saint that proves untrue.

Lovelace, Richard.  The Poems of Richard Lovelace.
London: Unit Library, Ltd., 1904.  40-41.

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