Richard Lovelace.

To my truely valiant, learned Friend, who in

his booke resolv'd the Art Gladiatory

into the Mathematick's

Hearke, reader! wilt be learn'd ith' warres?
    A gen'rall in a gowne?
Strike a league with arts and scarres,
    And snatch from each a crowne?

Wouldst be a wonder? Such a one,
    As should win with a looke?
A bishop in a garison,
    And conquer by the booke?

Take then this mathematick shield,
    And henceforth by its rules
Be able to dispute ith' field,
    And combate in the schooles.

Whilst peaceful learning once againe
    And the souldier so concord,
As that he fights now with her penne,
    And she writes with his sword.

Lovelace, Richard.   The Poems of Richard Lovelace.
London: Unit Library, Ltd., 1904.   62.

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