Thomas Middleton


Blurt, Master Constable

ove for such a cherry lip
   Would be glad to pawn his arrows;
Venus here to take a sip
   Would sell her doves and teams of sparrows.
      But they shall not so;
         Hey nonny, nonny no!
      None but I this lip must owe ;
         Hey nonny, nonny no!
Did Jove see this wanton eye,
   Ganymede must wait no longer;
Phoebe here one night did lie,
   Would change her face and look much younger.
      But they shall not so;
         Hey nonny, nonny no!
      None but I this lip must owe;
         Hey nonny, nonny no!

Elizabethan and Seventeenth-Century Lyrics.
Matthew W. Black, Ed.
Philadelphia: J. B. Lippincott & Company, 1938.  250-251.

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