Katherine Philips

Le Sueur. The Muses: Melpomene, Erato and Polymnia, 1655
Le Sueur. The Muses: Melpomene, Erato and Polymnia, 1655.

To Lady ELIZABETH BOYLE, singing a Song
of which O
RINDA was the Author.

SUBDUING fair! what will you win,
    To use a needless dart?
Why then so many to take in
    One undefended heart?

I came expos'd to all your charms,
    'Gainst which, the first half hour,
I had no will to take up arms,
    And in the next, no power.

How can you choose but win the day?
    Who can resist your siege?
Who in one action know the way
    To vanquish and oblige?

Your voice, which can in melting strains
    Teach beauty to be blind,
Confines me yet in stronger chains,
    By being soft and kind.

Whilst you my trivial fancy sing,
    You it to wit refine,
As leather once stamp'd by a king
    Became a current coin.

By this my verse is sure to gain
    Eternity with men,
Which by your voice it will obtain,
    Though never by my pen.

I'd rather in your favour live,
    Than in a lasting name,
And a much greater rate would give
    For happiness than fame.

Specimens of British Poetesses.
Rev. Alexander Dyce, ed.
London: T. Rodd, 1827. 78-9.

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