Sir John Suckling


YE juster Powers of Love and Fate,
Give me the reason why
            A lover crost
            And all hopes lost
        May not have leave to die.

It is but just ; and Love needs must
Confess it is his part,
            When she doth spy
            One wounded lie,
        To pierce the other's heart.

But yet if he so cruel be
To have one breast to hate,
            If I must live
            And thus survive,
        How far more cruel 's Fate ?

In this same state I find too late
I am ; and here 's the grief :
            Cupid can cure,
            Death heal, I'm sure,
        Yet neither sends relief.

To live or die, beg only I :
Just Powers, some end me give ;
            And traitor-like
            Thus force me not
        Without a heart to live.

Suckling, John. The Works of Sir John Suckling. A. Hamilton Thompson, ed.
London: George Routledge & Sons, Ltd., 1910. 45.

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