Sir John Suckling


I WILL not love one minute more, I swear,
No, not a minute ; not a sigh or tear
Thou get'st from me, or one kind look again,
Though thou shouldst court me to 't and wouldst begin.
I will not think of thee but as men do
Of debts and sins, and then I'll curse thee too :
For thy sake woman shall be now to me
Less welcome, than at midnight ghosts shall be :
I'll hate so perfectly, that it shall be
Treason to love that man that loves a she ;
Nay, I will hate the very good, I swear,
That's in thy sex, because it doth lie there ;
Their very virtue, grace, discourse, and wit,
And all for thee ; what, wilt thou love me yet ?

Suckling, John. The Works of Sir John Suckling. A. Hamilton Thompson, ed.
London: George Routledge & Sons, Ltd., 1910. 47.

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