by Henry Vaughan

'TWAS so ;  I saw thy birth.   That drowsy lake
    From her faint bosom breath'd thee, the disease
    Of her sick waters and infectious ease.
                    But now at even,
                    Too gross for heaven,
Thou fall'st in tears, and weep'st for thy mistake.

Ah !  it is so with me : oft have I press'd
    Heaven with a lazy breath ; but fruitless this
    Pierc'd not ; love only can with quick access
                    Unlock the way,
                    When all else stray,
The smoke and exhalations of the breast.

Yet, if as thou dost melt, and with thy train
    Of drops make soft the Earth, my eyes could weep
    O'er my hard heart, that's bound up and asleep ;
                    Perhaps at last,
                    Some such showers past,
My God would give a sunshine after rain.

Vaughan, Henry. The Poems of Henry Vaughan, Silurist. vol I.
E. K. Chambers, Ed. London, Lawrence & Bullen Ltd., 1896. 45.

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