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Murder in the Dark
Murder in the Dark
"A leathery bog-man transforms an old love affair; a sweet, gruesome gift is sent by the wife of an ex-lover; landscape paintings are haunted by the ghost of a young girl. This dazzling collection of 10 short stories takes us into familiar Atwood territory to reveal the logic of irrational behaviour and the many textures lying beneath ordinary life. These short fictons and prose poems are bizarre: bread can no longer be conceived as wholesome comforting loaves and a poisonous brew is concocted by cynical five-year-olds. Intent on breaking the forces of convention, this collection should captivate the reader's imagination."  —The Publisher.

Short Fiction
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Short Stories in this Collection:
  • "Autobiography"
  • "Raw Materials"
  • "Murder in the Dark" — (Read Story)
  • "Mute"
  • "Making Poison"
  • "Simmering"
  • "She"
  • "The Boys' Own Annual, 1911"
  • "Women's Novels"
  • "Worship"
  • "Before the War"
  • "Happy Endings" — (Summary; Read Story)
  • "Iconography"
  • "Horror Comics"
  • "Bread"
  • "Liking Men"
  • "Boyfriends"
  • "The Page"
  • "Strawberries"
  • "The Victory Burlesk"
  • "Him"
  • "Fainting"
  • "Hopeless"
  • "A Parable"
  • "Hand"
  • "Everlasting"
  • "Instructions for the Third Eye" — (Read Story)

Excerpts from Murder in the Dark
Excerpt: "Murder in the Dark" -
Excerpt: "Happy Endings" - IPFW
Excerpt: "Instructions for the Third Eye" -

Book Reviews
Reader Review -
Eye Weekly, 1992

Essays on Murder in the Dark
Murder in the Dark: Margaret Atwood's Inverse Poetics of Intertextual Minuteness - R. M. Nischik
Atwood's Unhappy Endings - Erica Davis

Student thoughts on "Bread" - UC Berkeley

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Margaret Atwood has gone on to become not just
a major Canadian Writer, and a woman writer (whom some would call a Feminist Writer),
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