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Additional Sources

Chronology - Ruth Nestvold
Biography - Janet Todd
Biography - Encyclopædia Britannica
Biography - Britannica 1910
Biography - BBC

"Aphra Behn" from The Learned Lady in England, 1920 - Myra Reynolds
"Aphra Behn" from The Rise of the Novel of Manners, 1911 - C.E. Morgan
"Memoir of Mrs. Behn", 1910 - Montague Summers

Title-page of The Roundheads, 1689 - Cornell University
The Grave of Aphra Behn - Poets' Graves

Bibliography - UWaterloo
Bibliography - Gender Inn/University of Köln
Annotated Bibliography of "Oroonoko" - Jack Lynch

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Aphra Behn Society
Aphra Behn Europe
Aphra Behn - Felix E. Schelling
The Aphra Behn Page - Ruth Nestvold
Notes on Behn and Oroonoko - Prof. Arnie Sanders


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