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Ferdinand Bol. Venus and Adonis, c1658. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.'
Ferdinand Bol. Venus and Adonis, c1658. Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

from Dryden's THE SPANISH FRIAR, 1681.


Farewell, ungrateful traitor!
     Farewell, my perjur'd swain!
Let never injured creature
     Believe a man again.
The pleasure of possessing
Surpasses all expressing,
But 'tis too short a blessing,
     And love too long a pain.

'Tis easy to deceive us,
     In pity of your pain;
But when we love, you leave us,
     To rail at you in vain.
Before we have descried it,
There is no bless beside it;
But she that once has tried it,
     Will never love again.

The passion you pretended,
     Was only to obtain;
But when the charm is ended,
     The charmer you disdain.
Your love by ours we measure,
Till we have lost our treasure;
But dying is a pleasure,
     When living is a pain.


The Works of John Dryden. 2nd ed. Vol VI. Walter Scott, Ed.
Edinburgh: Archibald Constable and Co., 1821. 464-5.

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