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So on Mæotis' Marsh, (where Reeds and Rushes
Hide the deceitful Ground, whose waving Heads
Oft' bend to Auster's blasts, or Boreas' Rage,
The Haunt of the voracious Stork or Bittern,
Where, or the Crane, Foe to Pygmæan Race,
Or Ravenous Corm'rants shake their flabby Wings,
And from soak'd Plumes disperse a briny Show'r,
Or spread their feather'd Sails against the Beams,
Or, of the Rising or Meridian Sun)
A baneful Hunch-back'd Toad, with look Maligne,
Glares on some Traveller's unwary steps,
Whether by Chance, or by Misfortune led
To tread those dark unwholsome, misty Fens,
Rage strait Collects his Venom all at once,
And swells his bloated Corps to largest size.


Fly Pegasæan Steed, thy Rider bear,
To breath the Sweets of pure Parnassian Air,
Aloft I'm swiftly born, methinks I rise,

And with my Head Sublime can reach the Sky.
Large Gulps of Aganippe's streams I'll draw,
And give to Modern Writers Classic Law;
In Grecian Buskins Tragedy shall Mourn,
And to its Ancient Mirth the Comic Sock return.

Pope, Alexander. Minor Poems.
Norman Ault and John Butt, Eds.
London: Methuen, 1954. 79.


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