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Pope's Poetical Works
Dissertation "Am'rous Causes": A Study of the Love-Melancholy Tradition and its Role
     in the Early Works of Alexander Pope - Gary A. Boire
Dissertation Pope and the Stage Metaphor - Richard F. Atnally
Dissertation Alexander Pope's opus magnum as Palladian Monument - Cassandra C. Pauley
Dissertation Alexander Pope's Pastorals: a Study of Their Genesis and Evolution - Harry V. S. Prest
Dissertation The Treatment of Nature in English Poetry Between Pope and Wordsworth - Myra Reynolds
Dissertation The Christian Vision of Pope's Eloisa to Abelard - Robert P. Kalmey
Thesis Gothic Elements in Pope's Eloisa to Abelard - Marion V. Stoops
Thesis Heroic Monarchs, Divine Poets and the Groves of Eden - Lena Ann Sadiwskyj
Thesis Irony in Alexander Pope's Five Major Epistles - Adele E. Woollard
Thesis Doctrine and Poetry of Pope's Essay on Criticism with Relation to Boileau's Art Poétique - Branko Brusar
Thesis Creating the Female/Female Creators: Pope, Women Writers and The Dunciad - Nastasia Kotsovolos
Thesis Deceit, Desire, and The Dunciad: Mimetic Theory and Alexander Pope - Allan L. Doolittle
Thesis A Savage Spy: The Role of Richard Savage in Composing Pope's Dunciad - Traci Wilmoth
Thesis "Between th'extremes to move": Antithesis in Alexander Pope's Art - Kyra E. Marken
Thesis The Apologia in Verse Satire: Horace, Persius, Juvenal, and Pope - Dennis Denomy
Thesis Pope's Temple of Fame - Alvan Bregman
"So easy to be lost": Poet and Self in Pope's The Temple of Fame - David Wheeler
Pope and the Allegorical Mode - Michael C. Hall
Alexander Pope and Duke Upon Duke: Satiric Context, Aims, and Means - Pat Rogers
Of Dunces and Demons: Pope’s Allusion to Paradise Lost in The Dunciad - Thomas Bullington
Pope, Publishing, and Popular Interpretations of the 'Dunciad Variorum' - Shef Rogers
The Dunciad and the City: Pope and Heterotopia - Brean Hammond
The "Garbage Heap" of Memory: At Play in Pope's Archives of Dulness - Harold Weber
Imitation in Pope's Eloisa to Abelard - Debra Leissner
Precious to Grace: Necessary Desolation in Pope's Eloisa to Abelard - Mary Elizabeth Hotz
Pope's "Epistle to Bathurst" and the Meaning of Finance - Tom Jones
Wealth and Words: Pope's "Epistle to Bathurst" - James Engell
Alexander Pope's Epistle to Bolingbroke and the Rhetoric of Embodied Exemplarity - Helen Deutsch
Pope and the Rhetoric of Natural Phenomena - Roseanne S. Carrara
Alien Voices, Ancient Echoes: Bakhtin, Dialogism, and Pope's Essay on Criticism - Mary Ellen Bellanca
Pope: Rape of the Lock - Ian McKillop
Alexander Pope's Portrayal of Belinda and her Society in The Rape of the Lock - Ian Mackean
Commodity and Religion in Pope's The Rape of the Lock - Alex Eric Hernandez
Severed hair from Donne to Pope - Erik Gray
Pope's Ombre Enigmas in The Rape of the Lock - Oliver R. Baker
A Question of Competence: The Card Game in Pope's Rape of the Lock - Kathryn Walls
The Rape of the Lock and the Origins of Game Theory - Sean R. Silver
The Use of Supernatural Machinery in The Rape of the Lock - Beena A. Mahida
Alexander Pope, the Ideal of the Hero, Ovid, and Menippean Satire - Ulrich Broich
Comparison of Swift's "The Lady's Dressing Room" and Pope's "Rape of the Lock" - Susan Siferd
Slouching toward Augusta: Alexander Pope's 1736 "Windsor Forest" - Scott M. Cleary
Defending the Self: Pope and his Horatian poems - John Richardson

Pope's Prose Works
The Letters of Alexander Pope Considered - Henry Hubert Schmitz

Pope as Translator
Dissertation The Rhetorical Structure of Pope's Iliad: A Study in the Poetics of Augustan Epic - Eileen A. Coumont
Exploring the Literate Blindspot: Alexander Pope's Homer in Light of Milman Parry - Elizabeth A. Hoffman
Annotating a Career: from Pope's Homer to The Dunciad - Howard D. Weinbrot
On the Homer Translations of Hobbes and Pope - Karl Maurer
On Reading Pope's Homer - Garry Wills

Pope as Editor
Dissertation Alexander Pope's Edition of Shakespeare: An Introduction - A.D.J. Brown
Dissertation True Light, True Method: Science, Newtonianism, and the Editing of Shakespeare
     in Eighteenth-Century England - Gefen Bar-On

Pope and Other Authors
Dryden, Pope, and Swift: Intimacy and Eclecticism - Ian McKillop
Dignity and Certainty in Augustan Satire [Dryden] - Joe Gollner
Comparison of Swift's "The Lady's Dressing Room" and Pope's "Rape of the Lock" - Susan Siferd
'Hand in hand to posterity'? Reading politics in Swift and Pope - Valerie Rumbold
Cato's Ghosts: Pope, Addison, and Opposition Cultural Politics - Jorge Bastos da Silva
Rhyme/Reason, Chaucer/Pope, Icon/Symbol - James I. Wimsatt

Biographical Inquiries into Pope
Pope: Bipolar Implication - Irvin Ehrenpreis
The Influence of Chronic Illness upon the Writings of Alexander Pope - E. M. Papper
Alexander Pope: His Spinal Deformity and His Doctors - O. P. Sharma
"Mighty Mother": Pope and the Maternal - Jane Spencer
Pope and Plagiarism - Richard Terry
The Jacobite Poets of Richmond - Donald Bruce
Nameless Names: Pope, Curll, and the Uses of Anonymity - Pat Rogers
Pope at Chiswick - Jonathan Pritchard
Living on the Margin: Alexander Pope and the Rural Ideal - Claudia Thomas Kairoff
Pope and the Paradoxical Centrality of the Satirist - Thomas Woodman
Alexander Pope and the Somerset Family - Michael Brennan
Pope, John Rackett, and the Slave Trade - Jonathan Pritchard
Pope's Recusancy - Peter Davidson

Defining Self and Others: Pope and Eighteenth-century Gender Ideology - Carole Fabricant
Rhyme/Reason, Chaucer/Pope, Icon/Symbol - James I. Wimsatt
Alexander Pope and the Nature of Language - Simon Alderson
The Invisible Border between Art and Nature: Pope's Aesthetic Principles Applied - John D. Tatter
Alexander Pope: The Portrait of the Artist as a Critic - Matt Kliewer


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