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Biography - The 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica
Biography - Literary Heritage
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Biography - Young Chul Suh

The Cambridge History of English and American Literature
in 18 Volumes (1907–21).

Michael Drayton - Harold H. Child The Elizabethan Sonnet: Drayton - Sidney Lee
Michael Drayton’s dramatic work - Ronald Bayne

Drayton Portraits - National Portrait Gallery, London
The Grave of Michael Drayton - David Conway
Portrait of Drayton - hearts-ease.org
Frontispiece to Poly-Olbion [404k]
Title-page of The Harmonie of the Church (1591) [40k]
Title-page of Idea The Shepheards Garland (1593) [55k]
Title-page of Idea's Mirror (1594) [30k]
Title-page of Endimion and Phoebe (1595) [27k]
Title-page of Peirs Gaveston (1593 or 1594) [32k]
Title-page of Matilda (1594) [35k]
Title-page of Robert, Duke of Normandy (1596) [34k]
Title-page of Mortimeriados (1596) [40k]

On Idea - John Erskine
On Drayton's Sonnets - William Minto
Michael Drayton Anagrams
SAC LitWeb Michael Drayton page - Roger Blackwell Bailey

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