The Works of George Gascoigne

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The Posies
            To the reverende Divines
            To al yong Gentlemen
            To the Readers generally
            Commendatory Verses
Gascoigne presenting his poems to Elizabeth I
Gascoigne presenting his Work to the Queen

  • Gascoigns De Profundis
  • Gascoig. memories
  • An Epitaph upon Captaine Bourcher
  • A devise of a Maske
  • The refusall of a Lover
  • Pryde in Court
  • Despised things mai live
  • In trust is treason
  • The constancie of a Lover
  • The frute of Foes
  • A Lover once warned and twice taken
  • A Lover encoraged by former examples
  • The Historie of Dan Bartholmewe of Bathe
  • The frutes of Warre

  •       Hearbes
  • The affection of a lover
  • The complainte of a Dame suspected
  • A Riddle
  • The shield of Love
  • The gloze upon Dominus iis opus habet
  • Gascoignes counsel to Dive
  • Gascoignes counsel to Wythipole
  • Gascoygnes woodmanship
  • Gascoigns gardenings
  • Gascoigns journey into Hollande

  •       Weedes
  • Farewel with a mischief
  • The doale of disdaine
  • Mars in despite of Vulcane. folio
  • Patience perforce
  • A letter for a yong lover
  • David saluteth Bersabe
  • Sone acquainted, sone forgotten

  •             Certayne notes of Instruction concerning the making of verse

    The Glasse of Governement
    Complete -
                The third Chorus

    The Princely Pleasures at Kenelworth Castle  (1575)
    Complete -
    Complete - Google Books
                The Song of Protheus

    The Steele Glas  (1576)
    Complete - Google Books
    Complete - Renascence Editions

    The Complaynt of Phylomene  (1576)
    Complete - Google Books
    Complete - Renascence Editions

    Tragedy of Jocasta (1566)
    Complete -
    Complete - Google Books

    A Delicate Diet, for daintie mouthde Droonkardes (1576)
    Complete - Google Books

    The Spoil of Antwerp (1576)
    Authorship and Introduction - Google Books
    Complete - Google Books

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