Christs Teares over Ierusalem
by Thomas Nashe


      The Sunne shyneth aswell on the good as the badde: God from on hie beholdeth all the workers of iniquity, aswell as the vp-right of hart. It behoueth thee to try al spyrits, let my Spyrite bee one of those (all) which thou bringest to the Touch-stone. I doe not wil thee, without tryall, on my bare report to bee directed by it, but when thou hast tryde it, & sifted it to the vttermost, then as it approues it selfe, to entertain it. Vppon vncertaine experiments, (hauing the least pretence of gain in them,) men will hazard and venture many thousands: try once an experiment to gayne Heauen with; Venture or hazard but a few indifferent good thoughts of mee. I say I am thy Messias, and am come to gather thee: condemne me not rashly, but awaite and see the end of my gathering, wherto it sorts. Search the Scriptures and the Prophets, whether I be a lyer and impostor or no. I would gyue thee leaue to hate me, so thy hate woulde make thee in-|dustrious & sedulous to harken out & enquire whence I am. Were I notorious guilty, and, vnexamined & vnheard, you should sentence me, you should gyue to me amongst men an opinion of innocence: beeing not guilty, you make your iudgements guilty of knowing I am not guilty, in proceeding against mee without circumstaunce or proofe. I speake all this while to the winde, or as a disconsolate prysoner that complayneth himselfe to the stone-walls.

Nashe, Thomas. The Works of Thomas Nashe. Vol. II.
London: Sidgwick & Jackson, 1910. 55-56.

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