Christs Teares over Ierusalem
by Thomas Nashe

[The War of Merchants and Gentlemen]

Let us leave off the proverb which we use to a cruel dealer, saying 'Go thy ways, thou art a Jew,' and say, 'Go thy ways, thou art a Londoner.'  For than Londoners are none more hard-hearted and cruel. Is it not a common proverb among us, when any man hath cozened or gone beyond us, to say, 'He hath played the merchant with us'? But merchants they turn it another way and say, 'He hath played the gentleman with them.' The snake eateth the toad, the toad the snake. The merchant eats up the gentleman, the gentleman eats up the yeoman, and all three do nothing but exclaim one upon another.

Nashe, Thomas. "Christs Teares over Jerusalem", excerpt, sig. X3-X3v.
London in the Age of Shakespeare. Lawrence Manley, Ed.
University Park: Pennsylvania State U. Press, 1986. 91.

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