To her Mind

by Edward, Lord Herbert of Chirbury

Exalted Mind !  whose Character doth bear
    The first Idea of Perfection, whence
Adam's came, and stands so, how canst appear
                In words?  that only tell what here
Tofore hath been ;  thou need'st as deep a sense
As prophecy, since there's no difference
    In telling what thou art, and what shall be :
Then pardon me that Rapture do profess,
    At thy outside, that want, for what I see,
Description, if here amaz'd I cease
    Thus ———
Yet grant one Question, and no more, crav'd under
    Thy gracious leave, How, if thou would'st express
Thy self to us, thou should'st be still a wonder?

Transcribed and coded by Anniina Jokinen from the Scolar Press
Facsimile of Occasional Verses of Edward Lord Herbert (1665)
Bodleian Library. Shelf-mark: Bliss. A.98. Wing H1508.
Transcription and code copyright ©2002 Anniina Jokinen.

to Lord Herbert

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