A merry Rime sent to the Lady Wroth
upon the Birth of my L. of  Pembroke's
Child, born in the Spring

by Edward, Lord Herbert of Chirbury

Madam, though I am one of those
That every Spring use to compose,
That is, add feet unto round Prose :
Yet you further art disclose,
And can, as every body knows,
Add to those feet fine dainty toes.
Satyrs add nails, but they are shrews,
My Muse therefore no further goes,
But for her feet craves shooes and hose.
Let a fair season add a Rose,
While thus attired wee'l oppose
That tragick buskins of our foes.
And herewith, Madam, I will close,
And 'tis no matter how it shews,
All I care is, if the child grows.

Transcribed and coded by Anniina Jokinen from the Scolar Press
Facsimile of Occasional Verses of Edward Lord Herbert (1665)
Bodleian Library. Shelf-mark: Bliss. A.98. Wing H1508.
Transcription and code copyright ©2002 Anniina Jokinen.

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