Thomas Heywood

From "THE BRAZEN AGE" (1613)

(Phœbus speaks)

Sometimes I cast my eye uponthe sea,
To see the tumbling seal or porpoise play.
There see I merchants trading, and their sails
Big-bellied with the wind; sea-fights sometimes
Rise with their smoke-thick clouds to dark my beams;
Sometimes I fix my face upon the earth,
With my warm fervour to give metals, trees,
Herbs, plants, and flowers, life. Here in gardens walk
Loose ladies with their lovers arm in arm.
Yonder the labouring ploughman drives his team.
Further I may behold main battles pitch'd;
And whom I favour most (by the wind's help)
I can assist with my transparent rays.
Here spy I cattle feeling; forests there
Stored with wild beasts; here shepherds with their lasses,
Pipingbeneath the trees while their flocks graze.
In cities I see trading, walking, bargaining,
Buying and selling, goodness, badness, all things--
And shine alike on all. . . .
No emperor walks forth, but I see his state;
Nor sports, but I his pastimes can behold.
I see all coronations, funerals,
Marts, fairs, assemblies, pageants, sights and shows.
No hunting, but I better see the chase
Than they that rouse the game. What see not I?
There's not a window, but my beams break in;
No chink or cranny, but my rays pierce through;
And there I see, O Vulcan, wondrous things:
Things that thyself, nor any god besides,
Would give belief to.


English Literature: AnIllustrated Record. Vol II, part 2.
Richard Garnett and Edmund Gosse, Eds.
New York,
The Macmillancompany, 1904. 344-345.


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