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The Cambridge History of English and American Literature, Vol II.
 IV. Thomas Heywood
   By A. W. WARD, Litt.D., F.B.A., Master of Peterhouse
  1. Thomas Heywood as the servant of public taste
  2. His special work in Domestic Drama
  3. His life: London and Court associations
  4. His point of view as a Playwright
  5. His non-dramatic works
  6. The Apology for Actors
  7. His Plays
  8. A Woman Kilde with Kindnesse
  9. Elizabethan Domestic Drama
  10. Early attempts at realistic treatment
  11. The Murder Plays
  12. Changes in the social system and their effect on the Drama
  13. Heywood’s picture of English country life
  14. The Royall King, and The Loyall Subject
  15. The Fair Maid Of The West
  16. Other Plays
  17. His work in collaboration with others
  18. His qualities as a Dramatist

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