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The Works of John Milton

Nota bene:
Many of the outside links are to Dartmouth's "Milton ReadingRoom",
a worthy online library of Milton's works.
Also, be sure to visit Kevin Creamer's Milton AudioFiles.


Milton's Shorter Poems - Renascence Editions

In Quintum Novembris (1626)- Dana F. Sutton
Excerpt from Christian Doctrine
The Reason of Church Government
Background for Tenure of Kings and Magistrates - Michael Bryson
Tenure of Kings and Magistrates
A Treatise of Civil Power in Ecclesiastical Causes
Of Reformation. 1641.
Of Education. 1644.
The Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce
The Judgement of Martin Bucer Concerning Divorce

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The Stuarts

King James I of England
Anne of Denmark
Henry, Prince of Wales
King Charles I
Queen Henrietta Maria
The Gunpowder Plot, 1605

17th-century Literature:

King James VI & I
Sir Francis Bacon
Lancelot Andrewes
Sir Thomas Overbury
William Alabaster
John Donne
Joseph Hall
Ben Jonson
Thomas Dekker
John Marston
Francis Beaumont
John Fletcher
Thomas Middleton
John Webster
William Rowley
Philip Massinger
Thomas Heywood
Edward Herbert
Lady Mary Wroth
George Herbert
Thomas Carew
Francis Quarles
Robert Herrick
Thomas Hobbes
John Ford
James Shirley
Mildmay Fane
Sir John Suckling
Richard Crashaw
Richard Lovelace
Abraham Cowley
John Milton
Sir Thomas Browne
Edmund Waller
Andrew Marvell
Henry Vaughan
Margaret Cavendish
Dorothy Osborne
Katherine Philips
Sir Isaac Newton
Essays and Articles
Additional Sources

Metaphysical Poets

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Cavalier Poets

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English Renaissance Drama

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English Religious Writers

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Historical Personages

George Villiers, 1st Duke of Buckingham
Arabella Stuart, Lady Lennox
William Alabaster
Bishop Hall
Bishop Thomas Morton
Archbishop William Laud
John Selden
Lucy Harington, Countess of Bedford
Henry Lawes
Thomas Fairfax, 3rd Lord Fairfax

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