Dorothy Osborne: Quotes

I shall never be persuaded that marriage has a charm
to raise love out of nothing, much less out of dislike.
[1653] p.45-46

[F]or me 'tis a better-natured and a less fault to believe
too much than to distrust where there is no cause.
March 5th [1653] p.48

I am not apt to suspect without just cause, but in earnest
if I once find anybody faulty towards me, they lose me for ever;
I have forsworn being twice deceived by the same person.
[1653] p.57

Once more good-night. I am half in a dream already.

I agree with you, too, that I do not see any great likelihood
of the change of our fortunes, and that we have much more
to wish than to hope for; but 'tis so common a calamity that
I dare not murmur at it; better people have endured it, and I
can give no reason why (almost) all are denied the satisfaction
of disposing themselves to their own desires, but that it is a
happiness too great for this world, and might endanger one's
forgetting the next.

I know no reason I have to believe that beauty is any
argument to make you like people; unless I had more
on't myself.

[My brother] is of opinion that all passions have more
of trouble than satisfaction in them, and therefore they
are happiest that have least of them.

[Let] me ask you if you have seen a book of poems
newly come out, made by my Lady Newcastle? For
God's sake if you meet with it send it to me; they say
'tis ten times more extravagant than her dress. Sure,
the poor woman is a little distracted, she could never
be so ridiculous else as to venture at writing books,
and in verse too. If I should not sleep this fortnight I
should not come to that.

[A] real kindness is so far beyond all compliment,
that it never appears more than when there is least
of t'other mingled with it.

You need not send me my Lady Newcastle's book
at all, for I have seen it, and am satisfied that there are
many soberer people in Bedlam. I'll swear her friends
are much to blame to let her go abroad.

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