by James Shirley

   Epi.  Hum ! — Master poet,
I have a teeming mind to be reveng'd.—
You may assist, and not be seen in 't now,
If you please, gentlemen, for I do know
He listens to the issue of his cause ;
But blister not your hands in his applause ;
Your private smile, your nod, or hem ! to tell
My fellows that you like the business well;
And when, without a clap, you go away,
I'll drink a small-beer health to his second day ;
And break his heart, or make him swear and rage
He'll write no more for the unhappy stage.
But that's too much ; so we should lose ; faith, shew it,
And if you like his play, 't 's as well he knew it.

The Chief Elizabethan Dramatists.
William Allan Neilson, Ed.
Cambridge, Mass: The Riverside Press, 1939. 853.


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