Mother Bombie

by John Lyly

ACCIUS and SILENA singing.


Sil. O Cupid ! Monarch ouer Kings,
Wherefore hast thou feete and wings ?
It is to shew how swift thou art,
When thou wound'st a tender heart :
Thy wings being clip'd, and feete held still,
Thy Bow so many could not kill.
Acc. It is all one in Venus wanton schoole,
Who highest sits, the wise man or the foole :
                  Fooles in loues colledge
                  Haue farre more knowledge,
        To reade a woman ouer,
        Than a neate prating louer.
                  Nay, tis confest,
        That fooles please women best.

Bond, R. Warwick, M.A. The Complete Works of John Lyly, Vol III.
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1902, 1967 repr., pp. 198-199.

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