Renaissance Essays: John Lyly

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John Lyly =Student Essay
Saintsbury on Lyly and Euphues
C. S. Lewis on Lyly's Euphues
Lyly's Euphues - Ernest A. Baker
G. K. Hunter on Nashe and Lyly
The Language of Framing - Rayna Kalas
Leashing in the dogs of war: The influence of Lyly's Campaspe on Shakespeare's All's Well that Ends Well - Gabriel Egan
Lyly's Midas as an Allegory of Tyranny - Stephen S. Hilliard [.pdf]
John Lyly as Both Oxford's and Shakespeare's "Honest Steward" - Charles Wisner Barrell
"I would faine serve": John Lyly's Career at Court - Derek B. Alwes
"O unquenchable thirst of gold": Lyly's Midas and the English quest for Empire - Annaliese ConnollyEMLS
The Healthy Body: Desire and Sustenance in John Lyly's Love's Metamorphosis - Mark DooleyEMLS
"Swift hart" and "soft heart": Elizabeth I and the Iconography of
      Lyly’s Gallathea and Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream - Julia Brown
Old versus new spelling: John Lyly--a special case? - Leah Scragg
Cross-dressingand John Lyly's Gallathea - Christopher Wixson
Elizabeth I's "picture in little": Boy Company Representations of a Queen's Authority - Jeanne H. McCarthy
Elizabethan Court Fiction: George Gascoigne and John Lyly - Dr. Deborah Wyrick

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