The Courtier's Life.
by Sir Thomas Wyatt

In court to serve decked with fresh array,
Of sug'red meats feeling the sweet repast:
The life in banquets, and sundry kinds of play,
Amid the press of lordly looks to waste,
Hath with it join'd oft times such bitter taste.
That who so joys such kind of life to hold,
In prison joys fett'red with chains of gold.

Sug'red, sugared, sweetened.
Fett'red, fettered.
Joys, enjoys.
Jacopo del Sellaio. The Banquet of Ahasuerus. After 1490.
The Banquet of Ahasuerus. [detail]
Jacopo del Sellaio. ca. 1490.
Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence.

Edited and glossed from
Tottel's Songes and Sonettes, 1557
by Anniina Jokinen.

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