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Sir Thomas Wyatt the Elder =Student Essay
Petrarchan Love and the English Sonnet - Norton Resource Library
Wyatt and Surrey and the New Poetry - Robert H. Fletcher
'Wyatt resteth here': Surrey's Republican Elegy - José María Pérez Fernández [.pdf]
Wyatt's Unstable Dream, According To The Place - Kimberly Laird
Breaking the Vacuum: Ricardian and Henrician Ovidianism - James Simpson
Politics and Print: The Curious Revisions to Tottel's Songes and Sonettes - Paul A. Marquis
Tottel's Miscellany and the English Reformation - Stephen Hamrick
Explication of Wyatt's "They Flee from Me" - John P. Levay
Explication of Wyatt's "Madame, Withouten Many Wordes" - Robert T. Levine
Explication of Wyatt's "Hevyn and erth and all that here me plain" - Barbara Obadashian
Country Mouse and Towny Mouse: Truth in Wyatt - Christopher Z. Hobson
English Court Poets and Petrarchism: Wyatt, Sidney and Spenser - Matthew Griffiths
The Hunter and the Hunted: Wyatt and Agency - Bethany Klassen
Wyatt's Pessimism - Kaisen Lin [.pdf]

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