A Dittie.


T H E   H O N O R A B L E
Entertainment   giuen   to   her   Ma-
iestie   in Progresse at   Cowdray in Sussex by the

Lord Montecute   Anno. I59I.

Ehold her lockes like wiers of beaten gold,
    her eies like starres that twinkle in the skie,
Her heauenly face not framd of earthly molde,
    Her voice that sounds Apollos melodie,
The miracle of time, the [whole] worlds storie,
Fortunes Queen, Loues treasure, Natures glory.

No flattering hope she likes, blind Fortunes bait
    nor shadowes of delight, fond fansies glasse,
Nor charmes that do inchant, false artes deceit,
    nor fading ioyes, which time makes swiftly pas
But chast desires which beateth all these downe ;
A Goddesse looke is worth a Monarchs crowne.

Goddesse and Monarch of [t]his happie Ile,
    vouchsafe this bow which is an huntresse part :
Your eies are arrows though they seeme to smile
    which neuer glanst but gald the stateliest hart,
Strike one, strike all, for none at all can flie,
They gaze you in the face although they die.

Bond, R. Warwick, M.A. The Complete Works of John Lyly, Vol I.
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1902, 1967 repr., p. 423.

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