Renaissance Essays: John Heywood

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John Heywood =Student Essay
Dissertation: "Goe thou forth my booke": Authorial Self-Assertion and Self-Representation in Printings of Renaissance Poetry - Ronald S. Renchler [.pdf]
Investigation of John Heywood's Dramatic Growth Revealed in his Interludes - Daniel Molzahn [.pdf]
The Unruly Household in John Heywood's Johan Johan - Sylwia Borowska-Szerszun [.pdf]
The Defence of Religious Orthodoxy in John Heywood's The Pardoner and the Frere - Nicoletta Caputo
Why A Play of Love in 1534 London? John Heywood and Castiglione's Il Cortegiano - Roberta Mullini [.pdf]
"To take on them judgemente": Absolutism and Debate in John Heywood's Plays - Candace Lines
Theatre and Humanism: English Drama in the 16th Century - Kent Cartwright [.pdf]
Dramatic Images of Kingship in Heywood and Bale - Peter Happe
John Heywood's The Spider and the Flie: Educating queen and country - Judith Rice Henderson
The Spider, The Fly, and the Commonwealth: The Merrie John Heywood
               and Agrarian Class Struggle - James Holstun
Interludes from the Court of Henry VIII - Wayne S. Turney

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