I d e a.

by Michael Drayton


BRIGHT star of beauty, on whose eyelids sit
A thousand nymph-like and enamoured Graces,
The Goddesses of Memory and Wit,
Which there in order take their several places ;
In whose dear bosom sweet delicious Love
Lays down his quiver, which he once did bear,
Since he that blessed Paradise did prove,
And leaves his mother's lap to sport him there.
Let others strive to entertain with words,
My soul is of a braver metal made ;
I hold that vile which vulgar wit affords,
In me's that faith which Time cannot invade.
    Let what I praise be still made good by you ;
    Be you most worthy, whilst I am most true.

Drayton, Michael. Idea.
Daniel's Delia and Drayton's Idea. Arundell Esdaile, Ed.
London: Chatto and Windus, 1908. 71.

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