The Works of Michael Drayton

The Harmony of the Church (1591)
Complete - Google Books
The Song of Jonah in the Whales Bellie

Idea, The Shepherd's Garland  (1593)
Excerpt from Eclogue 9

Idea's Mirror  (1594)
Amour. 7.

Peirs Gaveston  (1593 or 1594)
Excerpts: Lines 211-270 and 469-515.
Excerpt. Edward II's Lament. [O break my heart]

Matilda  (1594)
Excerpt: Lines 1-70.

Endimion and Phoebe: Idea's Latmus  (1595)
Complete - Renascence Editions
Excerpt: Lines 1-100 - UToronto

The Tragical Legend of Robert, Duke of Normandy  (1596)
Excerpt: Verses 10-18.

Mortimeriados  (1596)
Excerpt: Lines 421-448.

England's Heroicall Epistles  (1597)
Complete - Google Books
Excerpts - Google Books

The First Part of the Life of Sir John Oldcastle  (1600)
[with Munday, Hathway and Wilson; this play has
also been included in the Shakespeare Apocrypha]

Complete - Google Books

The Barons' Wars in the Reign of Edward II  (1603)
Complete - Google Books
[Tower of Mortimer] - Google Books

The Owl  (1604)
Complete - Google Books

The Man in the Moon  (1606)
Complete - Google Books

The Legend of Thomas Cromwell, Earl of Essex  (1607)
Complete - Google Books

Poly-Olbion  (1612 & 1622)
Complete - Google Books
The Ninth Song - Google Books
Excerpt from the 27th Song
[Milford Haven] - Google Books
[Guy of Warwick] - Google Books
[on Robin Hood]
The Second Part; or, Continuance from the Eighteenth Song - GB

Idea  (1619)
Idea. Complete Sonnet Sequence - Luminarium Editions

Pastorals: Containing Eclogues  (1619)
Complete - Google Books

Odes  (1619)
An Amouret Anacreontic
To the Virginian Voyage
To His Rival [Her loved I most]
To His Coy Love [I pray thee leave, love me no more]
To the New Year
To his Valentine
The Heart
To my Worthy Friend, Master John Savage
The Crier
An Ode Written in the Peak
To the Cambro-Britons and their Harp, his Ballad of Agincourt

The Battle of Agicourt  (pub. 1627)
Complete - Google Books

The Quest of Cynthia  (pub. 1627)
Complete - Google Books
Complete - Project Gutenberg

Elegies Upon Sundry Occasions  (1627)
Of his Lady's not Coming to London
To Master George Sandys
An Elegy upon the death of the Lady Penelope Clifton
To My Most Dearly Loved Friend, Henry Reynolds, Esq.; Of Poets and Poesie
To Master William Jeffreys

Nymphidia, the Court of Fairy  (1627)
Complete - Luminarium Editions

The Shepherd's Sirena  (1627)
Complete - Google Books

Muses' Elysium  (1630)
[The Muses Elizium]

Complete - Project Gutenberg
[Florimel's Ditty]
[Description of Elysium]
[Noah's Flood] - UToronto
[The Second Nymphal]
[The Sixth Nymphal]

Moses' Birth and Miracles  (1630)
[rev. of Moyses in a Map of his Miracles, 1604]

Complete - Google Books

by William Hole for the 1622
edition of Poly-Olbion.

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