I d e a.

by Michael Drayton


MY heart the anvil where my thoughts do beat,
My words the hammers, fashioning my desire,
My breast the forge, including all the heat,
Love is the fuel which maintains the fire ;
My sighs the bellows which the flame increaseth,
Filling mine ears with noise and nightly groaning,
Toiling with pain, my labour never ceaseth
In grievous passions my woes still bemoaning ;
My eyes with tears against the fire striving,
Whose scorching gleed my heart to cinders turneth ;
But, with these drops the flame again reviving,
Still more and more it to my torment turneth.
    With Sisyphus thus do I roll the stone,
    And turn the wheel with damnèd Ixion.

Drayton, Michael. Idea.
Daniel's Delia and Drayton's Idea. Arundell Esdaile, Ed.
London: Chatto and Windus, 1908. 107.

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