MY love to scorn, my service to retain,
  Therein, methought, you used cruelty ;
  Since with good will I lost my liberty,
To follow her which causeth all my pain.2
Might never woe yet cause me to refrain ;
But only this, which is extremity,
To give me nought, alas, nor to agree
That, as I was, your man I might remain :
But since that thus ye list to order me,
That would have been your servant true and fast ;
Displease you not, my doting time is past ;
And with my loss to leave I must agree :
    For as there is a certain time to rage,
    So is there time such madness to assuage.

2 This line is supplied in Nott's edition from the Devonshire MS.

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Text source:
Yeowell, James, Ed. The Poetical Works of Sir Thomas Wyatt.
London: George Bell and Sons, 1904. 11-12.

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