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Biography - Literary Encyclopedia
Biography - Encyclopædia Britannica
Biography - The Columbia Encyclopedia
Brief biography in Italian - Antenati

First Page of "A ballade of the Scottyshe Kynge" (1513?)
Title-page of "Against a Comely Coystrowne" (Rastell, 1527?)
Wolsey and Skelton. Frontispiece to "Why cam ye not to Court?" (1545?)

The Cambridge History of English and American Literature
in 18 Volumes (1907–21). Vol. III.

Ch. 4. Barclay and Skelton - Arthur Koelbing

John Skelton at San Antonio College LitWeb - Roger Blackwell Bailey, Ph.D.
Skelton's Grave - Find A Grave
John Skelton - Godfather of Rap - Robert Skelton
John Skelton - Robert Graves: "Fairies and Fusiliers," 1918

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